Safety First

Unidive has an unwavering focus on Safety and Quality.
No efforts is spared to improve the quality of our systems, hardware, software and technicians; so that we ensure the highest level of safety. The Safety of our technicians and specialists which translates into safety of our operations.

  • underwater inspections / UWILDS

    We provide underwater inspections on a wide range of subjects ranging from ships and other vessel hulls as well as subsea structures like pilings, dock gates, dams as well as pipelines and other sub sea structures. Depending on the requirements of our clients, we are able to carry out general visual inspections, close inspections and also non destructive investigations.

  • class surveys

    We have been accredited by most the major class authorities to carry out in-water surveys and UWILDS on ships and mobile offshore units. Unidive Marine Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has always been able to meet our client's requirements on time and with zero failures.

  • underwater cutting / welding works

    Unidive provides a full range of underwater wet welding and cutting services, where timely and accurate execution is of prime consideration. Our projects are regionalised and can often be mobilised at short notice. We operate in-shore and in-land waters.

  • u/w ultrasonic thickness gauging (UT),
    u/w eddy current examination (ET) and u/w magnetic particle inspection (MPI)

    Unidive has divers which are experienced and qualified operators for the a/m NDT inspections and we are capable of carrying out these inspections in-shore and offshore on vessels and MOU.

  • measuring clearances and weardown measurements

    Here our divers carry out primarily on sea going vessels rudder pintle measurements and propeller shaft weardown measurements using the ship supplied poker gauges in order to access if weardown tolerances have been exceeded.

  • blanking/plugging

    These works are carried out to temporarily stop the ingress of water into a vessel in order to allow internal works to be carried out. Sometimes these are carried out by using pre-fabricated steel or aluminium blanks or even with sturdy marine plywood blanks or plugs.

  • patching

    Underwater patching take place when there is a leakage of water into the vessel or even is there is a leak of cargo out of the vessel. Patching can be used as a temporary repair method to stop pollution or to make the vessel safe to sail for further permanent repairs.

  • hull cleaning & propeller super polishing

    Unidive offers comprehensive u/w ship hull maintenance services which includes hull cleaning by hydraulic brush kart, super polishing, insert plate repairs on hulls, blanking and plugging works.

  • thruster change outs/installation

    Unidive offers experience in the complicated operations of thruster change outs in anchorage and on sites.

  • salvage works

    Unidive offers recovery services of sunken barges, small vessels and lost items like anchors and machinery.

  • underwater painting works

    Underwater painting is required when existing coatings have worn out or if a new repair has been completed and the repaired portion has to be protected via a coating of paint or epoxy.


class approvals : In-Water Surveys and UWILDS

ABS Bureau Veritas
Lyod's Register NK